Just a few testimonials from past students

I would like to take a moment to thank everyone for being interested and happy to reply to me with these kind words, so that others may be inspired to put the effort in to make a difference in your horses well being and future joy in your life.

Imagine our surprise upon arriving at "Just Horsing Around" only to discover we had paid for a 10:00 a.m. riding lesson at “Horsin Around”. We were initially disappointed because this was my thirteen year old granddaughter’s first time having a riding lesson and being on a horse. No one could have been more polite or kinder than Tovie. She found us the number for “Horsin Around” where we confirmed our mistake and rescheduled our riding lesson for later that afternoon. After learning what Tovie offers, my granddaughter wanted to stay for a lesson and so we headed out to the pasture to find a horse that we could work with. After working with us for two hours and showing us the ropes, we became fast friends. We all felt it was a mistake that became a wonderful surprise. Later that afternoon, the instructor at “Horsin Around” was teaching intermediates and although my granddaughter was barely a beginner she included her in her class and gave her enough instruction to handle and ride her horse. Thanks to our morning instructions my granddaughter felt comfortable on the horse and did quite well! She was so grateful for her day and we owed it all to Tovie. We highly recommend "Just Horsing Around" first because you are not just put in the saddle, you learn so much about safety and the horses! If you love horses and want to learn more than just riding- go see Tovie for an experience you'll never forget.


"When I started on my search for the perfect four legged companion I had many different ideas and expectations of what I wanted, but had a few doubts whether I would find it all in one spot. As soon as I saw his picture (Fonzi) I instantly fell in love... Little did I know this was going to end up being one of the greatest experiences and would help me grow so much, not only as a rider, but a confident horse owner as well. From the moment I pulled into Tovie's place I felt at ease and so welcomed as if I had grown up doing lessons there my entire life... I was very happy to be walked through step by step catching, haltering, groundwork, riding, loading, etc., no hidden surprises just a day in the life with The Fonzi. I gotta say, when Tovie took Fonz into the round pen and started to show me his skills, I was so impressed at how well he responded to Tovie and presented with the utmost respect for her, I knew instantly this was a lady I wanted to learn a few things from! I couldn't be happier with the experience I've had while purchasing Fonzi from Tovie!! I am SO thankful I was able to have some Horsemanship lessons before moving Fonz and be confident I could continue with his training the way he was taught. When you purchase a horse from Tovie you get the whole package and an immense amount of support, it'll get your fire burning inside with joy!! I'm so thankful I had the opportunity to meet Tovie and find everything I was looking for when I started out on this horse buying journey! Now, having Fonzi moved to his new home and starting our partnership together, I am still very tickled with the fact I continue to receive support and communication from Tovie! I know if I ever have a question or feel stuck with Fonzi, I can always pick up the phone and know I have someone I can call that will support and help me through whatever the issue may be. Thank you so much Tovie for making my experience of buying a horse the most relaxing, supportive and exciting adventure... I am forever grateful to have met you!"

Note: Obviously things didn’t work out for Fonzi after he was moved. It is important to me, when re-homing a horse, that the buyer never feels stuck with a horse they aren’t enjoying, no matter the reason, and so Fonzi came back after 1 month. This young lady eventually found her perfect horse and Fonzi eventually found his perfect person.

“This class is exactly what I was seeking. I am a beginner with horses and have taken riding lessons as a beginner, but I needed to know about the horse – basics – gaining a horse’s respect, anatomy, care, costs involved, and spiritual connection with this animal. Tovie has taught me so much that I had never been exposed to but I knew there had to be this kind teaching for me. I leave every class feeling energized and happy, so it is obviously good for my soul.”

“Tovie, you have offered me some of the best opportunities to learn, understand and appreciate my horse. Your style, technique and patience are the essence of excellent horse training and horsemanship, as they can be used to gain any horse’s respect, attention, and control. I enjoyed my time with you, learning new things daily with each of your boys and learning things about myself. This was a great experience.”

“Tovie has offered some of the best opportunities for me as a novice around horses. She has made learning about horses, not only fun but more interesting than one can imagine it being. I have thoroughly enjoyed being taught by her. She has such a great way of teaching. Her classes are wonderful for learning what you need to know to be an informed horse person.”

“Thanks again to you and your boys, for sharing such a wonderful experience with us. After having a very negative introduction years ago (being thrown and then having the horse fall on top of me), I had been very nervous around horses while still admiring and loving them from a distance. My intent for these lessons was to simply become more comfortable with horses, and hopefully to progress to the point of experiencing a ‘join-up’. To have that dream come true today, both for me and my husband was truly magical – small pun intended since our ‘join-up’ experience was with Magic.”

“Tovie’s willingness to spend the time and energy researching the traditional wisdom of those who came before her, to shift through the chaff of ideas and find the value there, then to constantly revise and revamp her applications of those ideas until she has it just right for every individual, is absolutely awe inspiring!”

“Your training methods have been great; with a clear, consistent approach and a variety of horses that have allowed me to progress from initially being unable to even convince Jack to move, to working through my fear and building up my confidence, to now working in the round pen with Magic. There is obviously still a lot to learn, both about the horses and our role as humans, but this has been an incredible beginning.”

“Tovie is truly a gift in my life… I have been so blessed to have found her, learned from her and to now have her as my friend. A lot of the times, the things I learn do not only apply to horses but also to the people in our workplace, friends and family, dogs, and the wellbeing of my soul.”

“I encourage everyone who has ever loved horses but didn’t have the chance to grow up with them… or anyone that needs to develop leadership skills… or anyone that wants to have an amazingly good time learning about one of theworld’s most beautiful and soulful creatures to come down to Just Horsing Around and let Tovie change your life as well.”