Private Lessons 

Personalized and fun is the best way to describe these sessions. From wherever you are starting, I guarantee you will be 100% thrilled with some new found skills that will propel you towards your goals with horses and personal confidence.


Group Lessons

The valuable aspect of learning and sharing the experiences of a group, is the variety of circumstances that occur when different personalities of both the people and the horse are matched for the first time. This can be among a group of family members or friends . We also specialize in corporate groups that explore the way people communicate with others.

Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is power and I have developed a series of six lessons to help you become acquainted with the knowledge so you can start off on the right track. This is by no means the definitive all encompassing total package. You will, (as I have) soon learn that the learning never ends, what works effectively with one horse may not be the approach you need to take with the next horse.

These lessons will introduce you to the beginning of real horsemanship, so we will cover;

  • basic equine anatomy and conditioning
  • feet, teeth, and worming
  • health management and nutritional requirements
  • movements of the horse (breeds & gaits)
  • safe and effective handling skills
  • basic ground work exercises
  • understanding horse behavior in the herd
  • tack selection, fitting, & requirements
  • round pen purpose and objectives
  • liberty work, and what it's like