Mistral’s Trubador (aka Trooper and Dollar)
I bought Trooper for a dollar from a lady who wasn’t getting along with him at all.  He had been with a trainer for 2 months and if I wanted him, I had to pick him up the next day. When we arrived, the trainer warned me about going in the paddock – not a good sign. It took me 1½ hours of solid ground work before I saw the penny drop for him. We loaded up and never had such a serious conversation again. I renamed him Dollar to give him a fresh start. Dollar was an American Saddlebred, a breed I later learned from William Shatner (yes - Captain Kirk), were used as war horses because of their smooth gaits and brave personalities. Dollar was a delight to restart and he was sold to a family who absolutely adores him.

Leo (aka Sir Leopold)
Leo was surrendered to me by Westwood Warmbloods up in Spruce Grove. They happened upon my blog and contacted me saying that Leo needed me. When Leo came off the trailer, I remember thinking that nobody sneeze because this horse would lose his mind. Leo turned out to be friendly, curious and laid back but definitely had a dominant streak. We called him Sir Leopold  because his movement was so elegant. Every now and again, Leo would kick up his heels on the lunge line but had never shown any such silliness once mounted. The day I was selling him, he was the worst he had ever been on the lunge line but once mounted we both had a terrific ride. He now happily resides with his new owner in Twin Butte.