Experience the Spirit of the Horse

Formerly Just Horsing Around, see our new site at; horseencounters.ca

Creating mutually trusting, respectful relationships between people and horses.


We offer hands-on lessons for adults who are new to horses or for folks who would like to learn the secrets of the Horse Whisperer. If you are not feeling a joyful connection with your own horse, we can teach you fun techniques that will improve your relationship.

The Objective

Our goal is to teach folks how to safely and confidently interact with horses. Whether you were that horse crazy kid that just wants to spend time learning about horses; or you are considering horse ownership and need a starting point; or you already have a horse, this program will help you communicate harmoniously with this magnificent animal.

My Guarantee

After spending time with me and the “Boys”, most folks are surprised to discover how much there is to know in order to safely and effectively interact with horses. As you become competent with specialized ground exercises, your confidence will develop. As your confidence increases, you will start to notice the horses you are working with become calmer and more attentive. Check out the testimonial page for memorable moments other folks have shared when they experience that special connection with one of the “Boys”.